Enam India Diversified Equity Advantage Portfolio

ENAM India Diversified Equity Advantage Portfolio (EIDEA) was launched in May 2011 as a fundamental equities platform for the distribution and advisory fraternity’s clients.

The investment objective of EIDEA is to generate capital appreciation through investments in equities with a long-term perspective.

EIDEA is a bespoke discretionary Portfolio Management Service (PMS). It is a long-only, high-conviction portfolio of 15–25 stocks. The portfolio is constructed by investing in high-quality businesses at attractive valuations, that are structurally well-positioned and have sustainable competitive advantages and execution capability for consistent long-term growth. We endeavor to maintain ownership over the long term by constructing high-quality and high-conviction portfolios which are market capitalisation, sector, and style agnostic.

EIDEA investments are managed on a ‘Separately Managed Account’ (SMA) basis, wherein clients avail of a customized portfolio with a separate bank and Demat account in their respective name/s. Therefore, trades are executed as an aggregate and later allocated to their respective accounts.

Every partner is serviced by a team of highly experienced and dedicated relationship managers.




  • 1) Returns as on October 31, 2022; Inception Date - May 30, 2011
  • 2) Composite returns are based on net of total fees and expenses
  • 3) Returns > 1 year are annualised
  • 4) Returns are based on TWRR method based on the aggregation of all the clients in the same strategy
  • 5) Past performance is not indicative of future returns
  • 6) Performance data of Portfolio Manager & Investment Approach provided hereunder is not verified by SEBI



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