With over two decades of experience in the PMS industry, Enam AMC provides investment advisory services to institutions and accredited individuals in India and overseas.

With a bottom-up investment approach, our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals conduct in-depth research and analysis of the market and design a portfolio specifically suited to each client’s requirement.

As a process, we regularly monitor our investment universe and identify suitable companies. Our team has developed a simple yet rigorous model for financial analysis. We conduct a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative framework that precedes the selection process. It begins with a brainstorming session between our investment team and the sell side analysts. They then conduct management meetings and critically dissect the profit and loss accounts to arrive at the real operational profit. They identify the key drivers of the companies and carefully study the balance sheets to ensure that the management respects capital and factors in the cost of capital. The team also regularly meets with competitors to stay updated on the latest industry trends to accurately identify short term and long term catalysts that will deliver growth.

Adherence to this process we can deeply understand the internal and external levers governing the company’s sustainable growth and evaluate potential return to offer optimal advise.

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