ENAM Advisory Services

Leveraging its decade of experience in the Portfolio Management Services (PMS) industry, ENAM AMC provides investment advisory services to both institutions and high net worth individuals in India and overseas.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals research and analyze the market in depth and design a portfolio specifically suited to each client's requirement and risk appetite. We track our universe of over 200 listed companies and identify stocks, including a quarterly review, as an ongoing process.

This selection process is preceded by a comprehensive analysis based on the following criteria:

  • Market Cap
  • Attractive valuations
  • PEG
  • Key ratios
  • Qualitative aspects
  • Thematic views
  • Bottom up approach

Our experts have developed a simple and rigorous model for financial analysis, which involves:

  • Brainstorming amongst the investment team and analysts on both the buy and sell sides
  • Management meetings
  • Dissecting Profit & Loss Accounts to arrive at real profits from operations
  • Analyzing the balance sheet to ensure that the management respects capital and cost of capital
  • Identifying the key drivers
  • Understanding the internal and external levers governing sustainability of performance
  • Evaluating potential returns
  • Meeting competitors to stay updated with the latest industry trends
  • Identifying short- and long-term catalysts to growth

This model equips ENAM AMC to offer sound advice that enables our clients to generate superior returns on their investments. The formation of the channel partners team in 2010 for third-party channel tie-ups with domestic, private banks, foreign banks, family offices and advisors has helped ENAM AMC to expand and grow its services even further.

ENAM AMC will continue to expand its geographical presence through both domestic and global channel partners as well as advisory agreements. Thereby, we will increase our reach and offerings to global institutional as well as private banking arms of leading foreign banks and win mandates for India-dedicated investment portfolios.