Investor Charter

Investor Charter in Respect of Portfolio Management Services:

A. Vision and Mission Statements for investors:

To implement diligently researched customized investment strategies which help investors meet their long-term financial goals in a risk appropriate manner.

To ensure that the PMS industry provides a viable investment avenue for wealth creation by adopting high levels of skill, integrity, transparency and accountability.

B. Details of business transacted by the organization with respect to the investors:

a. appropriate risk profiling of investors

b. to provide Disclosure Document to investors

c. executing the PMS agreement

d. Making investment decisions on behalf of investors (discretionary) or investment decisions taken at the discretion of the Investor (non-discretionary) or advising            investors regarding their investment decisions (advisory), as the case may be.

C. Details of services provided to investors and estimated timelines:

i. Discretionary & Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (PMS):
Under these services, all an investor has to do, is to give his portfolio in any form i.e. in stocks or cash or a combination of both. The minimum size of the portfolio under the Discretionary and/ or Non-Discretionary Funds Management Service should be Rs.50 lakhs as per the current SEBI Regulations. However, the PMS provider reserves the right to prescribe a higher threshold product-wise or in any other manner at its sole discretion. The PMS provider will ascertain the investor’s investment objectives to achieve optimal returns based on his risk profile. Under the Discretionary Portfolio Management service, investment decisions are at the sole discretion of the PMS provider if they are in sync with the investor’s investment objectives. Under the Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management service, investment decisions taken at the discretion of the Investor.

ii. Investment Advisory Services:
Under these services, the Client is advised on buy/sell decision within the overall profile without any back-office responsibility for trade execution, custody of securities or accounting functions. The PMS provider shall be solely acting as an Advisor to the Client and shall not be responsible for the investment/divestment of securities and/or administrative activities on the client’s portfolio. The PMS provider shall act in a fiduciary capacity towards its Client and shall maintain arm’s length relationship with its other activities. The PMS provider shall provide advisory services in accordance with guidelines and/or directives issued by the regulatory authorities and/or the Client from time to time in this regard.

iii. Client On-boarding
a. Ensuring compliance with KYC and AML guidelines.
b. franking & signing the Power of Attorney to make investment decisions on behalf of the investor.
c. opening demat account and funding of the same from the investor’s verified bank account and/or transfer of securities from verified demat account of the investor and
d. Mapping the said demat account with Custodian.

iv. Ongoing activities
a. To provide periodic statements to investors as provided under the PMS Regulations 2020 and other SEBI notifications and circulars (“PMS Regulations”) and
b. Providing each client an audited account statement on an annual basis which includes all the details as required under the PMS Regulations.

v. Fees and Expenses
Charging and disclosure of appropriate fees & expenses in accordance with the PMS Regulations.

vi. Closure and Termination
Upon termination of PMS Agreement by either party, the securities and the funds lying in the account of the investor shall be transferred to the verified bank account/ demat account of the investor.

vii. Grievance Redressal
Addressing in a time bound manner investor’s queries, service requests and grievances, if any, on an ongoing basis.