ENAM India Diversified Equity Advantage (EIDEA) Portfolio

Asset Class

Listed equities and equity-related instruments



Performance Objective

  • Deliver strong absolute performance over a 2-3 year time window, beating the benchmarks and peers
  • Manage risk to preserve capital and value

Investment Philosophy

  • Make long-term investments into businesses that have sustainable competitive advantages and execution capability for consistent, profitable growth
  • Selectively take advantage of medium-term opportunities presented by economic cycles and interim dislocations
  • Invest at attractive valuations
  • Build a concentrated portfolio
  • Disciplined diversification across market cap and sectors

Investment Approach

Actively managed, fundamental research, long-only

Combine top-down economic research with bottom-up analysis of fundamentals

Operational Structure

  • Segregated accounts for each portfolio client with separate bank account, Demat and custody accounts
  • Subject to aggregation of purchases or sales for economy of scale, the brokerage account and liquid mutual fund investments account will be common. The trades will be executed as aggregate and will be allocated to individual accounts after execution


  • Dividends received from underlying stocks are reinvested
  • Product does not make intermediate payouts to investors

Portfolio Turnover



CNX 500

Cash limit


Cash Management

Fixed deposits, liquid mutual funds and ETFs

Socially Responsible


Securities Lending

Only in accordance with SEBI Securities Lending Scheme, 1997, subject to permission of the client


Indian National Rupee (INR)


  • Ongoing
  • Minimum initial investment - INR 25 million


30 days’ notice