Business Values

The team at ENAM AMC firmly believes in staying rooted in values to grow sky-high. Our business ethos gives us the tenacity to operate successfully in this dynamic and rapidly changing globalized marketplace.

Clients First

Our goal is to enhance value for our clients in a sustainable and comprehensive manner by:

  • Anticipating and shaping their requirements
  • Customizing our capabilities and range of services to meet their needs
  • Providing value-added advice and personalized services
  • Developing and maintaining long-term relationships

Commitment to Quality

At ENAM AMC, we seek excellence in:

  • Understanding and analysing business subtleties against global benchmarks
  • Innovating products and services
  • Using technology to add value to our work processes and client deliverables
  • Executing all our activities efficiently and effectively
  • Managing relationships with dignity, sensitivity and respect


At ENAM AMC, our endeavour is to:

  • Set the highest ethical, personal and professional standards
  • Be transparent at all times
  • Operate with conviction
  • Have courage to accept mistakes and endeavour to rectify them

Team Work

Within ENAM AMC, we:

  • Set and communicate goals in a participative manner
  • Progress by mentoring colleagues
  • Respect individual perceptions and working styles
  • Exult in shared successes and supporting each other at all times
  • Recognize and reward individual and collective accomplishments